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SURF – Survivors Fund – Supporting survivors of the Rwandan genocide

Since 1997, Survivors Fund has helped survivors of the Rwandan genocide deal with and recover from the tragedies of 1994, supporting a wide range of services for victims in Rwanda, and assisting survivors in the UK. Funded by a variety of organisations and individuals, SURF acts as a channel to distribute financial assistance to groups, individuals and charitable organisations in the day-to-day operations of bringing the people of Rwanda hope, safety, and a decent standard of living

A veteran in dealing with the issues effecting the survivors, SURF holds the belief that support must address the host of difficulties and issues facing victims. Any one angle of assistance on its own, be it medical, economic or social, would be an incomplete answer. SURF provides an appropriate and integrated response to the needs of Rwandan survivors by supporting numerous projects geared at confronting the diversity of their needs.

Karmiel Children’s Village

Kfar Hayeladim, as the Village is known in Israel, serves some 275 children, ages 5-18, whose families are unable to provide stable homes for them, for reasons ranging from domestic violence in the household, to grave financial circumstances. At the Children’s Village these young people are placed in “family units,” approximately 10 children grouped together under the care of a married couple, to reside as an extended family and live “normal” lives that will serve as a model for them to draw upon later in life

Among the programs of the Children’s Village are formal education for the children; one-to-one and group therapy; and a program transitioning teens from “family units” to a living arrangement that encourages them to take on more responsibility for themselves

One of the challenges faced by Kfar Hayeladim has been to offer the children after-school enrichment in music, art and sports, that will enable them to express themselves and develop skills in a wide range of areas.  We have decided to help them with their music needs, and have donated money to buy musical instruments and drama equipment for the children to use

Tzedek - Jewish action for a just world

Tzedek works with partners, projects and communities abroad, regardless of their race or religion, providing direct support to help local people so they can help themselves.
They seek to raise awareness, educate and encourage Jews to recognise, understand and act on to their Jewish responsibilities concerning extreme poverty around the world.

Children in Crisis

Children in Crisis was established in 1993 in the UK to give children in some of the world’s poorest countries the education they need to help transform their lives.

Worldwide, one in six children is denied an education. At the heart of their work is the belief that education is the best possible route out of poverty, bringing hope for a better future for families, communities and over time, whole societies.

Children in Crisis’ vision is of a world where all children have access to education to enable them to fulfil their potential to live positive, healthy lives and contribute to the development of the societies in which they live.

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