SURF: Nick’s room at The Survivor's Centre

The funds raised by the Nicholas Roth Memorial trust provided funding towards the construction of the Rwandan Genocide Testimony and Research Centre and for the purchase of musical and drama equipment for young performers.
  • Serving many vital functions for the survivors, the centre does the following:
  • Provide a place of healing for survivors
  • Document, record and preserve the eyewitness accounts and testimonies of the genocide
  • Collect and collate photographic records of the lives and histories of families killed in the genocide
  • Serve as a memorial, a physical space for survivors to visit, a space consecrated to the memory of their families, relatives and friends
  • Give a voice to young survivors to communicate their experiences through music, drama and dance
  • Teach about the genocide, using testimonies, photographs and other resources for educating students across Rwanda and around the world
  • Be a hub for research about genocide, by making the resources and archives accessible to academics and scholars
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